Rtklib not reading full observation time of UBX file

I hope someone can help. I have a log file from an aerial survey I did last week. The base logged just under 4 hours and when I open the file in ezsurv it shows 03:44 hr/min which is correct. The issue is that I am getting an error when submitting the rinex file to Opus that the RS2 logged. So I was going to convert the UBX file to Rinex 2.1 and resubmit. When the same UBX file is opened in rtklib that I opened in ezsurv, it shows a duration of 1 hr 53 min which is far short of the 3 hr 44 min that I logged. Does anyone know why this would happen?

I was just going to cut time off the front and export a file that was just over 2 hours. Thanks for any help.
RS2-Base_raw_202203091943_RINEX_3_03.zip (842.0 KB)

Link to original UBX file and exported OBS file

You can see the time of the original UBX file and the exported OBS file in ezsurv and the duration is much shorter in the OBS which correlates to the duration in the bottom of the rtklib window.

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I now realize one issue is that I was using version 34b instead of 33b. So I deleted the 34b folder. Still having some issue. Going to test more now.

For what it is worth. I deleted the unzipped folder and then re-extracted the original zip file. Using the version 33b and it exports fine. However, when I selected a rate of 30 second it would not create the OBS file. So I simply left it at 1 second, submitted the file to OPUS and OPUS returned the results within 3 minutes.

So all is good. No idea why it happened. But lesson learned is, if using RTKLib, start with a fresh unzipped file, and use only version 33b. I exported to Rinex 2.10 and GPS only.

Hi Tim,

I’ve just read the whole thread. Glad to see everything is fine now!

You use RTKLib because you need the TADJ option for OPUS, right? Just want to say that we’ll add the possibility to optimize files for OPUS in Emlid Studio. So, this workflow should become much easier soon.

Please share if you have other things that keep you with RTKLib.

I was only using RTKlib because I kept getting an error message when submitting the log file to Opus. So by converting to Rinex 2.10 it seemed to take care of the problem. I need to make sure that I have that value set in RV3. They will not accept the 3.1 version.

It will also be nice for RV3 to not insert a “-” in the file name. OPUS will not accept any file that has a “-” in the file name.

Will be nice to have Emlid Studio able to do this. Thanks for checking in!

Hi Tim

You can export your M2 n=binary file to RINEX with EZSurv.
To do so, yo select the file to export (highlight it) and then right click, the drop down menu has “Convert to RINEX”.
The binary file is properly read in EZSurv, so it will be properly exported.

I did but on this particular file I got an error with opus. Which is why I was using RTKlib to convert and trim the file. Unfortunately, Ezsurv does not allow you to trim the file and it does not allow you to select the version of Rinex to save to (ie. 2.10). Kind of a bummer. But it is rare that I run into the need to do so.

Hi Tim,

Emlid Studio also supports conversion between RINEX versions. Don’t take it as a pressure :sweat_smile: I’m just saying that we want to make Emlid Studio a handy tool with all needed functionality in one place.

That is not pressure. That is wonderful. From now on I will use Emlid Studio for the conversion :smile:

You won’t regret it!

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