RTKGPS+ Android support and continuity of the App


Have been considering buing the reach kit and I do have some ublox M8T based modules here at my lab, but before I continue on this path, I must ask about peoples opinions about the Android port of RTKLIB. Is there anyone using it?

It’s not too up-to-date with RTKLIB development so I just tried to rebuild it just to find out that there is a hand full of build issues with it and as is it does not support M8T modules at all.

Anyone planning to fork the current github project and continue the maintenance? Emlid doing anyting around RTKLIB on android?

Sampo Nurmentaus

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I too would like to see an up to date version of RTKGPS+. However, a M8T+cheap Android(rooted for USB serial connection) would directly compete with Reach and possibly be cheaper. So I doubt Emlid will help further RTKGPS+.

If you’re interested in RTK and smartphones, here they can get cm accuracy from a smartphone GPS.

I use the RTKGPS+ in the latest built with patch 11 found here
This version resolves a problem with glonass satellites.
However i use it with some survey grade receivers from novatel and it works great. I don’t know if it works with ublox M8T.
If anyone is interested developing the project I have some ideas for added functionality. Unfortunately I don’t have programming knowledge and I can’t help in development.