[RTK] Typical convergence time

Hi all,

As an happy Reach M+ user, I plan to upgrade my base setup by buying a Reach RS+ and keep using the M+ as a rover.

Does any body have an idea of the typical convergence time with this base/rover RTK setup, assuming that the RTCM3 is correctly transmitted? I can’t find any info in the specs.

I ask this question since I know that RTK systems usually have long convergence time (sometime greater than 15minutes) when the correction is not received from a local base.

Thanks for your thoughts!

On an L1 only receiver such RS+ and M+ the convergence time is measured in minutes. usually 4-10 minutes, depending on several factors.

On the multi-frequency RS2 it is measured in seconds.


I don’t have an RS2 yet, but comparable to Topcon Hiper V’s I can setup an RS+ base and rover and while waiting for it to fix, setup the Hiper V base/rover and be fixed 5 minutes before the RS+ ever indicate a fix.


Thanks for your quick answers!

Five minutes seems acceptable from the end-user point of view. I guess it includes the usual “cold start”.


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