RTK - rover position is relative or absolute?


I want to use Reach M+ with RTK. But I have few queries regarding the same.

  1. When Reach M+ is used with RTK then will it change the message format that it will output or will send the NMEA messages containing its position?
  2. When used with RTK, will Reach M+ output its relative position or absolute position. If I want to get the absolute position then do I need to change its configuration?
  3. How will reach M+ send the covariance data… via GST messages ?

Request your support.

You need a base station for RTK to work. That base station is the reach m+ is precision.
The reach will give you absolute positions, but they are relative to the base station. So if the base station is set offset to its coordinates, that offset will also exist in the reach m data.

thanks @wizprod for the reply… Yes i will use base station for RTK along with the the rover… This means that rover will report its absolute position…

I also want to know how will i get the covariance data?

Hi @nitirohilla1489

As @wizprod mentioned, you need a base to work in RTK mode. Reach can output position in different formats. Data in any of these formats can be sent via Serial, TCP or Bluetooth. Please, look through our docs to clarify this point.

You can find more info about the absolute and relative position by following this tutorial link.

Can you clarify, do you mean DOP info?

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