RTK for telecom mount mapping

Hi guys.
Names Jordan, I just started with a new company inspecting telecom towers ( cell phone towers ) via drone
Was curious on what people are using in the field. Iv been researching about RTK drones and the RS2 ground station. Any knowledge would be helpful. I have experience with FPV drones, maybe I can build one? Any help is awesome

Thanks Jordan

Hi Jordan,

Welcome to the community forum!

Such an interesting venture to dive into! Though I can’t help you much with choosing drones, I know a thing or two about Reach receivers :sweat_smile:

If you’re planning to use Reach RS2 as the base for your drone, make sure you placed the multi-band receiver on your drone as well. This is essential as all advantages of the multi-band work only if both base and rover are multi-band.

The most standard setup is Reach M2 on the drone and Reach RS2 on the ground as a base. You can transfer the corrections in various ways. The most common way is to embed the corrections to the telemetry link. This process is described in our ArduPilot integration guide.

If you describe the setup you’re planning to work with, we can discuss it in more detail and check the options we have.

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