RTCM3 messages settings for placing GCPs

So to be clear, I’m in Australia, marking out GCPs.
What RTCM3 messages should I be using?
I average every point for 20seconds anyway.
I am trying to reduce my air rate to increase my range for LoRa.

Not sure if you will find this helpful. The Emlid Caster Service is AMAZING and it is free!

So instead of LoRa, have you considered adding a Jetpack device to your Base and Rover unit? Here in the USA, I have RS2 units, so the SIM card can be put inside the unit. If you have the RS+ units, and not the RS2, then you can supply internet connectivity to the RS units with basic jetpacks.

Here you can buy Alcatel jetpacks on Ebay for $15-$20. Then you can have $5 per month T-Mobile data cards that handle all of the data used by the RS+/RS2 units. Now I have RTK via cellular for $10 per month.

That may not be an option for you, but if it is, the Emlid Caster service is the way to go.

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Hi Joe,

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Reducing the air data rate can improve the LoRa range. You can decrease the number of RTCM3 messages to do it. Since you work in Australia, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS, and SBAS messages can be switched off. You can use the following messages:

  • 1002 (GPS L1 Observations), 1 Hz
  • 1006 (ARP station coordinate), 0.1 Hz
  • 1010 (GLONASS L1 observation), 0.5 Hz.

If you face any difficulties, you can check our guide.

doesn’t that make my RS2 an L1 receiver, no L2?

Why not just use the GPS+GLO msm messages?

I would’ve thought the more the merrier. The more inputs and corrections, the better the result?

That is generally true, however, if the link you are sending corrections through is marginal, then risk not getting your corrections in a timely manner which is also bad.

Hi guys,

For some reason, I decided that you have Reach RS+ :upside_down_face:

Sure, RTCM3 messages for Reach RS2 will be MSM. @pjengineering, you can use the following ones:

  • 1006 (ARP station coordinate), 0.1 Hz
  • 1074 (GPS MSM4), 0.5 Hz
  • 1084 (GLONASS MSM4), 0.5 Hz

In your case, it shouldn’t affect accuracy and performance, though the LoRa range increases.


thanks, bur arn’t these all L1 signals?

Nop. The msm messages will take all obs types and frequencies of that particular constellation and pack them into 1 message per epoch.

Hi Joe,

@wizprod is totally right: MSM means Multiple Signal Messages. These messages contain both L1 and L2 data.

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