RTCM Protocol

has anyone ever interfaced with an SBG IMU device? unlessim in the wrong place in the config for the rover I have not seen an option to output RTCM for solution 1

RTCM is not a solution format, so I am not sure what you are trying to achieve.

I have an SBG IMU that is located on our Drone LiDAR Scanner. The SBG device only excepts RTCM protocol. would like to interface an Emlid with the SBG for RTK correction. Any Ideas?

How is the communication between Reach base and SBG unit setup?

acutally I have a reach base and a reach rover. they are communicating via WiFi. base as server and rover as client I believe. on the drone I am trying to use the reach rover to communicate with the SBG via serial connection Pins 1 & 4 for the output resolution