RS2 Sound Alerts are Low

Last week my second RS2 unit arrived. As soon as I turned on the computer, it asked me to update to version 26, and I did. Apparently everything was going well, I have even seen more options than in the previous version, such as being able to select which NMA parameters you want to receive.
When I took it out on the street, the first thing that struck me is that the sound when it goes from floating to fixed mode has disappeared, you can hardly hear anything even when the volume is at maximum.
The next thing that happens to me and which is exasperating, is that when I select in the differential corrections parameters, IP - Port - User - Password…. it does not give me the list of available antennas; as I know them, I put the name with the keyboard, it connects and everything seems to be going well, but even when I leave that option and come back, everything is ok but the name of the base antenna does not appear.

I would like to downgrade to version 2.24.2 but it is impossible.

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Apparently they are aware of the sound problem.

Sound alerts on RS2 - Reach / Reach RS+ / RS2 / Getting started - Community Forum (

I’ve always waited to upgrade any software till at least there are good reviews for any device or platform. This is one of the reasons I haven’t upgraded our office or my personal computers to W10. Forced upgrades remind me of “George Orwell 1984” or “Mein Kampf”. I’m sure Emlid tested this version 26 before release but may have had missed some issues. From my experience, most upgrades have been stable.

I haven’t upgraded my units yet, thank goodness Emlid doesn’t force upgrades like Microsoft.


Or like the government. : /


26 Runs fine if it starts, I am convinced there is something at startup that throws it out of wack at random.

Like the privacy policy box, I only see it after new firmware, or the night it decided to pop up on its own uninvited and the unit got ripping hot quick.

Other than that my iPhone being a connection princess is most of the issues day to day.

My RS2 is freshly purchased, which is why it forced me to upgrade to version 26 after turning it on. Otherwise I would have preferred to keep it in version 2.24.2 that I have checked and I know it works perfectly for me.
Now what I ask is to return that team from v26 to v2.24.2.

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You can “downgrade” it using their flash app but, it wipes all data on it and the 1st thing it needs to do is go online and update to the latest “stable” version. Several users have asked for the ability to backdate.

Hi Rafa,

Indeed, there’s an issue with the sound alerts on the latest stable firmware. We’ve already found the cause of it. I’ll let you know once it’s fixed.

Do I understand correctly, that the mount point doesn’t show up in the list when you connect via NTRIP?

Do you use the ReachView 3 app or the Reach Panel app? With ReachView 3, you can save the NTRIP profile credentials in the app. You don’t need to re-enter them again when you configure corrections via NTRIP.

Reach Panel

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Please check the NTRIP configuration in the ReachView 3 app. There should be no issues with the mount point disappearing. You can download it for Android or iOS.

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Hi Rafa,

We’ve released the 26.1 firmware update that should fix the issue with the low sound alerts. You can learn more about the other improvements in this thread.

Let me know whether it works for you.


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