RS2+ SIM card connection issues

I am having the same problem. The reach RS2+ recognizes the SIM card sometimes. It had even started receiving corrections at one point. Right now it recognizes the sim card, but I can’t connect to it as a hotspot.

Hi Sam,

Even if the issues look similar, they can have different roots. So let’s look into it separately.

Please share some additional details:

  • Can you enable Mobile data with this SIM card now?

  • What happens when you try to connect to the Reach hotspot when the SIM is inserted?

No I cant enable mobile data, and I cant connect if i have the Sim card in.

Hi Sam,

What happens if you remove the SIM card when the receiver is turned on? Is it possible to connect to it after that?

If you can connect to the receiver when the SIM is not inserted, please try the following:

  • Connect Reach to a Wi-Fi network with Internet access

  • Insert the SIM card

  • Connect to the receiver in Emlid Flow

  • Check if the Share mobile data from Reach in hotspot mode option is enabled in the Mobile data settings. If so, please disable it and let me know if it changes something.

If there are still issues with the connection to the Reach hotspot even without a SIM, please let me know, and we’ll dig into it.

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