RS2 RTK via LoRA vs NMEA (or similar) output from rover

Hi there,

I’m about to begin work on an app to allow following of a determined bearing from a start position.

I have access to mulitiple Emlid Reach RS2 for the purpose, and wish to use one as a base station, and the others as rovers.

I understand that I can use LoRA to link RTK corrections from the base station broadcasting to the rover or even multiple rovers.

But what I can’t seem to find an answer for is whether this will allow me to on the rover end to stream via USB serial or TCP over wifi NMEA data that have been corrected?

To be clear, I wish to be able to use the simple NMEA data with already written libraries in Python for interpreting it, but for this data to be corrected, not to be just raw GPS from the rover without RTK correction from the base station. This would allow me to then create a bearing, and follow that bearing within a 2cm precision line.

Otherwise, are there other methods that will allow me to stream data from the rovers in a standard I can use easily in Python to use for calculations for bearing so I can follow an invisible straight line having already been corrected from the Rover’s link with the base station?

A confirmation for this would help me a lot in my process here for a very specialised outcome.

Many thanks

Hi Jesse,

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Sure, Reach can provide it :slight_smile: If your rover gets base corrections and calculates the Fix solution, it will output its precise position in NMEA. You can set position streaming via Serial, TCP, or Bluetooth.

Hola, pienso que la segunda opción (crear una línea y seguirla) es mas viable; así podrías interpretar las coordenadas del lugar en donde el receptor se encuentra e interpretar mediante funciones trigonométricas (coseno para avanzar en el kilómetro, y seno para ordenar los desplazamientos desde la línea a seguir), restando el azimut que forma el punto de partida con el de llegada, con el azimut entre el punto de partida menos el punto de navegación.
Esta idea se usa hace tiempo en ingeniería, es conocida como alineaciones.
Para más información te recomiendo la bibliografía en contexto de el software “Civil 3D”, sector alineaciones.

Aha! Brilliant thanks for that. This was the key bit of information I couldn’t find clarity on and will definitely make everything now click together for me.

Many thanks!

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