RS2 RTK-FIX/Float sound indication

Is there any possibility to customise the bleeping sound indication of the RS2 receiver when reaching or loosing an RTK-Fix solution?
E.g. by the possibility to upload custom sound files?
That could be fun…

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I use Lefebure NTRIP app on my Android tablet for mock locations. It has the feature to enable a sound warning of your choosing when the status changes.

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Hi @immo.trinks,

Oh, that’s interesting. We don’t have such a feature now. But, sure, I’ll note your request.

Can’t help but ask why do you need it? Is there any specific purpose for this customization?

I did it so it was an annoying sound so I could hear it. My hearing isn’t what it used to be years ago.

Hi @jp-drain-sol,

Hmm, I got it.

To be honest, I didn’t know that the Lefebure NTRIP client app has such an option. But it’s good to know now. Thanks for sharing it.

He actually added it at my request.

I just looked for the setting on my phone and it states you cannot use it on Android 9 or higher. Sorry I use it on my tablet that is older (Samsung S2 Tablet) running version 6 of android. It was under display settings notification sounds.

I forget the name of the sound but my tablet make a loud siren noise 3 times when there is a status change.


That’s a valuable addition, thanks again. It may be quite useful for those who bump into this thread.

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