RS2 Rinex header info

What is the information that we have to put in RTKconv to fulfill the header, mostly the REC TYPE VERS etc…see the screenshot below :

here in RTKConv


Reciver name, type and version.
Antenna name, type and version

ya, but for my post-processing software, it looks it must be filled and can’t be optional.

Btw, I need the official information, because theses information are something that you can’t fill as you want (if i am not wrong), it must be officially registred, like this, when you import the observation file, the software can’t choose automatically the right base… like here :

or should i put the serial number of my antenna ?

If its for the calibration profil i am not sure it would help. Reach has not published any profil data yet as i am aware of
A random value in each cell might reveal that. Could you give that a try?

Edit: e.g
REACH, RS, 2.21.2

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Yes I tried with these value, but it didn’t help…

so I was hopping some “official value” who can maybe help…but as you said, I don’t think if it will change something, maybe the problem is somewhere else.

If you post the processing software and error message, someone might have solved it before?
Or is it the same problem you have in the other thread, stil unsolved?

still unsolved in the other thread and this thread is “linked” to the other one, but I was thinking to open a new one as I just need the rinex header info and it can be usefull for someone else and separate from my own other problem :wink:

For the moment no one know…

I think continuing in the other thread is ok, keeps all the info in one place and if necessary split the thread later.

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Hey there,

Just wanted to point out that the lack of antenna details in the RINEX header should not pose the issue for the post-processing. Our RINEX files are standard and can be processed with different post-processing tools.

At the moment, we’re in touch with the Applanix support to determine what prevents the files from being processed. I’ll post the answer once we get it in this community thread.

The discussion will be continued here: