RS2 Rinex 3.03 missing .nav file

I used the Rs2 to survey points using rinex 2.11 and 3.03. For 2.11 format I obtained .22B, .22G, .22N and .22O data and for the 3.03 fomat I got .22B, .22O and .22P data. I´m using Manget tools for my post processing and the points with the 3.03 format can´t be processed due to the lack of ephemeris. Any solution?

.P navigation file for rinex 3.03


My solution was to convert the rinex 3.03 to 2.11 using Emlid Studio. I selected the option “Convert to Rinex” and in the “Convert settings” tab I selected the rinex version needed.

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Hi Luis,

Would you mind sharing why you need specific navigation files for each satellite system? .22P is a mixed navigation file that contains ephemeris from all tracked satellites. Does it suit Magnet Tools?


I guess it´s related to the version of my Magnet Tools that doesn´t recognize rinex 3.03 data.

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