Rs2 RAW data zip file Invalid

Having an issue where I was using my RS2 as a base station logging RINEX data while I collected data with our LiDAR drone.

I’ve done this before and never have any issues with extracting the RINEX data from the reach panel. This time when I download the file and try to extract all it gives me an error saying the file is invalid. Not sure what the issue was but the RS2 was powered on the whole time and logging info. Was about an hour and a half of logged data.

How can I fix this or get my data, because re-flying is not an option for me at this time.

Hi @northtexsurvey,

I’ll do my best to get your data.

What firmware version do you have? Have you tried to access this file from ReachView 3? Just to make sure it’s not Reach Panel related.

And you don’t have UBX backup, right?

I have the latest firmware not sure the exact version. I got this file from reachview 3 as well as from the reach panel and had the same outcome.

I do not believe I have a UBX backup (not entirely sure what that is)

Can you send this archive to I’ll check if I can do anything to restore this.

By the way, UBX is another raw data logs format. You can enable Backup source for RINEX feature in the Logging settings:

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