RS2 PPK in RTKLIB v2.4.3 b28 versus v.2.4.3 b33

I was running some comparisons between our RS+ & RS2 base units. After post-processing both outputs I noticed that the solutions from the RS2 where really bad. There were very only few satellites tracked and the elevation was widely different across the collection. After some testing, I realized that when I processed the RS2 outputs in the new version of RTKLIB (v.2.4.3 b33) I got much better readings. When I tried the same process with the RS+, however, it didn’t matter if I used the old (v28) or current (v33) versions of RTKLIB. Regardless, I got the same readings.

So it seems that RS2 can’t be processed in v28 of RTKLIB. I’m wondering if some can confirm this and maybe give me a deeper explanation of why this is the case. What changed between RS+ and RS2 that won’t allow the RS2 to be processed in the old RTKLIB?

Many thanks!

Comparison of the solutions attached: 20-0228 KV RTK Test_RTKLIB v28-v33.pdf (540.0 KB)

Your observations are correct.
The RS2 is multi frequency, and the RS+ is single frequency. That is what the updated RTKlib reflects.


Hey there,

Christian is right. For post-processing logs from Reach RS2, please use the latest RTKLib in our docs.

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Thanks Christian. That makes sense.

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