RS2 NTRIP Set-Up Questions

I am new to the RS2. Do I put in the IP Address from the Reach WiFi that I am connected to, or the Address to the hotspot I am using?
Also, how do I find what Port I am going to use? I am in San Diego, CA

are you using the California CORS network? IF so, they will give you the IP/port/username/password

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To connect to NTRIP, you need to use the IP address of the caster and its Port number. The credentials should be given by an NTRIP provider.

You may contact the California CORS network as @jp-drain-sol suggested. You can also take a look at the RTK2go community NTRIP caster. It allows you to get the corrections stream from another user’s base station nearby.

Please take a look at our Working with NTRIP service guide to learn how to start receiving corrections from a caster to your Reach RS2.

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