This may be a question for MicroSurvey but I’ll ask here anyway. I’m struggling to get my RS2 receiver connected to NTRIP through FieldGenius on a data collector tablet running Windows 10. I can hook up through ReachView easily. I think the problem is that the NTRIP services here are set to NAD83(2011) but I only see NAD83 and NAD83(HARN) on FieldGenius. Does anyone know of any fix for this, short of using RTK or switching off FieldGenius?


I might be wrong, but I don’t think this workflow is supported by the RS2.
You have to configure the NTRIP from ReachView, and then switch to Fieldgenius.


You’ll probably get a better faster answer through MicroSurvey support, but there are some FG users here too that may help.

I use the Windows 10 based version also and old Windows Mobile 6.1, but there are Android version users here too.

Pretty sure you don’t want use the HARN one. Not entirely sure but the parameters “may” be the same for both NAD83(2011) and NAD83. Just make sure you have the correct zones selected for your region in North America.

Maybe someone here will jump in to help with your NTRIP situation. The NTRIP service may be able to help also with the correct parameters to use?


How do you mean? I searched for ReachView on the Windows 10 tablet but couldn’t find a desktop version for it. If I’m to setup NTRIP through ReachView on my phone then somehow switch to FieldGenius on the tablet, I have no idea how to accomplish that transition.

I think I tried using NAD83 but I’ll try again to be sure. It would be surprising to me if a programmer listed 83(2011) as just 83 but surveyors do it all the time.

There isn’t an “APP” for Windows 10 for either ReachView2 or latest ReachView3. Only for Android and iOS.

ReachView2 is web based though (not ReachView3), so you connect to it in Windows via a web browser by using the RS2 hotspot ip address or its ip address on your network.

Your going to have to get more familiar with all of this… a good place to start is the DOCS and Emlid videos.

As for getting to ReachView2 via Windows, see link below. It from the Reach RS DOCS, not RS2 but will work. Seems Emlid is really pushing ReachView3, which is fine, but in your case and Windows users, there is no solution for ReachView3 app for Windows and seems never will be. So use ReachView2 to set things up via Windows Web Browser or use ReachView3 app on Android or iOS device (you can even used the deprecated app ReachView2). After that you can use your RS2 on Windows with other programs such as FieldGenius:

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When you get it all figured out. You’ll want the Coordinate Systems to match.

It will take some time, it’s a little daunting at first…but when you get it, it’s easy.

The videos throughout the DOCS help. You can search YouTube also.

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I figured out the problem. Actually, my wife figured it out. We found this setup guide and followed it to the letter. We got it working, but when I shut it all down to try setting it all up from off, I couldn’t get a fix :tired_face:. It was all communicating well though. The NTRIP corrections come from my iPhone via hotspot to the RS2 and the data collector records the data via Bluetooth from the RS2. Oh and in the field my phone gets power from a mobile battery pack because this stuff drains it fast!

Hi @jaredplnormand,

Indeed, you can pass corrections from NTRIP to Reach via FieldGenius.

Could you share with us what exactly solution status you get? Is it single or float? Also, could you please share the screenshot of the correction status in the Status tab? This information can help us understand better what can be wrong and provide you with further troubleshooting steps.

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The best I’ve gotten so far is a warning prompt saying that I’m not getting RTCM corrections. Sure enough, I check the NEZ readings and they say “incorrect coordinate system” or “coordinate system error” or something like that. I’m sorry but I’m a little busy today and can’t recreate the problem to get screenshots. If this isn’t shedding enough light on the problem, I can try to recreate it later.

Hi @jaredplnormand,

That looks weird, indeed. However, it’s hard to say why it goes that way for now. That’s why the screenshots would be of great help.

Also, please try to connect to the NTRIP service via our Reach View 3 app. If you’ll connect, please check if the device gets the corrections. You can check that via Status bar -> Corrections in Reach View 3.

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