RS2 not booting. Leds doesn't even turn on

Hi. If anyone has encountered such a scenario. I went to the site to collect some data in some light rain. My RS2 rover worked just fine and I turned it of after work. Got home this evening and I’ve been trying to switch it on to download my raw data, but to no avail. Had enough battery (4 solid led lights) too. I just don’t get it. How can a device with enough power suddenly not boot up? A simply fraction of a second press on the power button doesn’t even indicate the battery level remaining. What could possibly be going on with my device??

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So after 3 days, still no success. I guess I’ll go straight over the email with emlid support.

Just sent a message to emlid support over email. I’ll keep the thread active with whatever progress I make. Thank you

Hi Richard,

I’ve received your ticket. Let’s continue our troubleshooting there as we might need some sensitive info from you to share.

Hi there,

Just wanted to provide a short update here. We’ve received the details on this case from Richard and analyzed them. We suspect the hardware-wise issue with this Reach RS2. We’ll continue sorting this case out in the direct support ticket.