RS2 & M2 PPK workflow

My goal is to differentially correct the points I collect using the M2 and Reach IOS app. I am hoping y’all can help me improve my PPK workflow. At our test, I have the RS2 set up over a static point with unknown coordinates and is continuously recording data for the duration of data collection - approximately 2.5 hours. I use the M2 as my rover to collect points using the Reach app. I stored 60 seconds of data at each field point.

I then:

  1. corrected the RS2 base data using CSRS-PPP,
  2. used RTKPOST to correct the M2 rover data using the RS2 as my base station (with the CSRS-PPP updated lat/lon from step 1)
  3. used the point begin/end timestamps from the Reach IOS app output to combine the corrected M2 readings from step 2

Does this general work flow sound correct? Are there other approaches to differential correction that might work better on remote sites?

Looks good to me… although I don’t use RTKLIB. Generally, when I start my Javad T2 base, it’s just a “here” position and I start radio RTK with my Javad T2 rover. I get back in the office and download data and if I don’t have any rover positions to PP, I’ll PP the base using Javad Justin PP software and then translate (horizontal/vertical) all the old coords to the new base coords point using Carlson software.

Yep, that is how it is done. Depending on your baseline, you might want to increase the obs-time of the base.


Thanks for the nod. That puts me at ease.


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