RS2 LoRa timing

I’m experimenting with RS2 Lora connections.
I notice the corrections for different constellations seem to alternate quickly on the rover side.
I used 1hz for all correction messages and the Rover RTK processing.
I use 5hz for the Base RTK setting.
With Ntrip correction input, I don’t experience this kind of flickering.

The solution seems not to be affected by this, I get solid fixes outside (screenshots are from inside).

1s later:

here is a video:
RS2 Rover correction flcikering

Do you get the same behavior with 1Hz base RTK?

good question. let me check that.

Tried all combinatiosn for Rover and Base 5Hz and 1Hz
R5, B1,
R5, B5,
R1, B5,
R1, B1

No consistent pattern, sometimes sit happens, sometimes not :frowning:

Are you indoor or something? your SNR is not good.
Would give it another try in intended surroundings outside.
Base 1hz rtk,RTCM all 1hz and max speed on LoRa. 1 or 5hz on rover with the same LoRa setup

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it’s indpor indeed. But flickering also appeared outdoors, still resulting in good fixes.
I’ll keep observing it with different settings, but not this week anymore.

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I also experience this.
After experimenting a lot, I came to the following conclusions:

  • the constellation (from base mode tab) with the slowest update rate, will be the fluctuating.
  • if all at the same Update rate, usually GPS+GLO will fluctuate.
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Hi Johannes,

May I ask you to clarify how did you specify the base position?

Average single.
Might be quite off inside…

Hi Johannes,

Have you been able to test the setup with different settings as @TB_RTK advised above? I assume there is might be something with update rate frequency.