RS2 doesn't turn on

Tengo exactamente el mismo problema. El equipo solo reacciona cuando se conecta al cable USB, pero no permite actualizarse ni enciende.

Aparentemente es un problema en el botón de encendido. Esta en proceso de envío a la garantía.

Pdta// En febrero de 2021 tuve el mismo inconveniente, pero el dispositivo después de estar almacenado por 3 días respondió.

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Thanks for sharing. I’ll store it for sometime and see what happens.

For the benefit of the wider community, below is the translation of @jdroldana’s reply :

I have exactly the same problem. The computer only reacts when it is connected to the USB cable, but it cannot be updated or turned on.

Apparently it is a problem in the power button. It is in the process of sending to the guarantee.

Pdta // In February 2021 I had the same problem, but the device responded after being stored for 3 days.

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Hi Jose,

Do you have this Reach at your disposal at the moment? Even if the symptoms of the issue might look alike, they usually have different causes. So we’d better troubleshoot your case separately.

Hi there.

Currently my country provider is checking the gnss. But he did not respond to any action.

If there is a possible solution, thank you for letting me know as soon as possible.

Hi Jose,

Can you please share the details with me regarding this provider via I need to understand whether we could get in touch with them on this for troubleshooting. I believe it’s quite sensitive information, so let’s not post it publicly.

The problem to Mr. Jose’s RS2 has already been corrected.


Hi there,

In case someone else faces a similar issue, please let us know about it via Even though some unexpected behavior may seem to have obvious reasons, in fact, it can be quite the opposite. That’s why it’s essential to reach out to us first so we can point out the cause of the issue and suggest a suitable solution for it.

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