RS2 bluetooth connection not working

My phone updated to Android 13 and it can find and pair with it but not really connect.

I’ve flashed the RS2 to version 30 and reset bluetooth on the phone but still no success.

What can be the problem?

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Hi Andreas,

If you want to work via BLE, you don’t need to pair your iPhone with Reach. It should happen automatically if Emlid Flow has all the needed permissions. Please check the following:

  • You enabled the BLE option in Emlid Flow: tap 10 times on the Profile icon tab and make sure the toggle is green

  • Emlid Flow has access to Bluetooth and Location services

  • Restart the app after the 2 two steps

If it didn’t help, please let me know.

Hi Svetlana.

This seems like a common stumbling block. Any chance of the requirement being removed?

Hi Dave,

For now, working via hotspot is still preferable for Reach devices except RX. That’s why it works that way. In the future, it could be changed.

Gotcha. I thought corrections over Bluetooth was being promoted, but maybe not quite yet.


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