RS2 Battery dead? (Continuous running)

I just looked at the state of charge on my nTrip base station. It is currently showing 1%.
Looking through the full system log, it looks like the charge jumped suddenly last month.

[2021-12-13 17:56:29,917] [ INFO] — New state: full (
[2021-12-13 17:56:29,957] [ INFO] — New state: Discharging (
[2021-12-13 17:56:31,897] [ ERROR] — Detected SOC jump! Total jump 45%: from 54% to 100% in 270 seconds. (

Then later in the day
[2021-12-13 04:44:42,997] [ INFO] — New state: low (
[2021-12-13 04:44:43,027] [ INFO] — New state: Charging (
[2021-12-13 04:44:44,947] [ ERROR] — Detected SOC jump! Total jump 99%: from 100% to 1% in 25437 seconds. (

And there are a lot of other similar log entries.

I didn’t notice any disruption since it’s plugged in all the time as my nTrip server.

But I’m worried this will cause issues, and that I will never be able to use it unless it is connected to power. (2.3 MB)

Also I noticed this morning because I was updating the unit from 27 to 28.1

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Hi Grant,

Thanks for reporting!

I’ll check the Full system report from the receiver and will get back to you.

Hi Grant,

I see the SOC jumps you mentioned and trying to understand where it comes from. How do you supply power to your RS2? Is it a stable power source?

We have wired an outdoor AC power plug next to it, and I use a standard AC-DC USB-C power adaptor.

The power has not had any issues as far as I can tell.

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Hi Grant,

I’ve thoroughly checked the battery logs from your RS2. At this point, I can say that the battery of your RS2 should work fine by itself. The SOC jumps in the records may appear when RS2 operates on the cold, but it doesn’t indicate battery performance degradation.

But if you want to make sure that your RS2 works on its battery, you can perform the following test:

  1. Disconnect RS2 from the external power source.
  2. Turn on Reach RS2.
  3. Wait for Reach RS2 to discharge and turn off itself.
  4. Connect the power supply again and turn Reach RS2 on.
  5. Download the Full System report.

This test will show how long RS2 can work on the battery charge only. I’ll look through the report to check whether the battery shows a normal operation.

Thanks for looking into this. I will do the test, but I will wait for the weather to improve. Access to a slippery roof in the winter is not fun!

When I do get the chance I will post the log. But I’m glad to hear it does not look like there is any damage as far as you can tell.

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