RS2 as base station for multiple RS+ rovers

Hello all –

I’m teaching a geomorphology course using Emlid RTK for surveying. We have an RS2 as a base station and then 4 RS+ as rovers. I’d like to be able to use the base station for all four rovers simultaneously (each student team is doing a different survey within the same small area using their own rover.

I tried to do this today for our first lab and it did not work. I could get the first rover to receive base corrections, but the subsequent rovers did not receive base corrections. Under the Correction input tab in ReachView, they said they were connected, but then the status bar didn’t show the base station and the solution remained at single.

Have others tried to use a similar workflow and if so, any success?

Thanks in advance for any advice or insight.


Hi Kristin,

I hope I’m just in time with some recommendations before your next lab :slight_smile:

Multiple rovers can get corrections from the base. So I decided to double-check where you could face some difficulties and conducted a test with 3 RS+ and RS2. I suggest you recheck the following settings:

  • Air data rate. It should be the same on the base and rovers.

I had the same behavior of the receivers as you described if the air data rate on rovers mismatched one on the base.

  • Base positioning

The base coordinates should be acquired in single, fix status or input manually so that the rovers can get a fix status.

  • LoRa bandwidth

You can also try another LoRa bandwidth as it might be that another radio-electronic source already uses the current one.

Keep me posted.

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