RS2 and Trimble Business Center

Does anyone use a RS2 with Trimble Business Center? I can’t find the antenna in the software and cannot find a way to add a custom antenna to the software. How do you get around this?

There have been several posts with TBC in the mix, but I don’t recall much success. As far as the antenna profile goes you will probably need to create a generic NMEA receiver. This is what I had to do in Magnet. Unfortunately I never got mine to fully work because of some protocol differences between Emlid and Topcon.

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@egor.fedorov Tagging Egor to get some feedback on this. We have quite a number of customers utilizing TBC and it would be great to get them a workflow for processing with it. Can’t get the baselines to process right now during testing.

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What do you use for static processing with the RS2?

Hi Robin,

TBC 5.0 should work fine, according to what was discussed previously on the forum. I’ve heard there may be some issues with the latest version of TBC though.

Hi @dmitriy.ershov. Was wondering if you could link in any workflow information for processing the RS2’s data on TBC?

Hi Aaron,

We don’t have a workflow documented for TBC, but it should be the same way as for any other RINEX. At some point, we hope to have this workflow covered on the docs.

Mainly I am trying to work out what Antenna to use, Emlid isn’t listed and the software doesn’t detect it. TBC also doesn’t seem to make it easy to just add a custom antenna.

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We use RTKLIB b33, more specifically the RTKCONV and RTKPOST modules.

Thanks @dmitriy.ershov. Looking forward to updates on workflow.
@ryearwoodhhf legitimate question regarding antenna parameters. Does anyone have a solution here?

But it doesn’t offer network adjustment. Do you use a separate program for this?

We’ll continue to test, but it doesn’t seem to be quite as straight forward as reading RINEX files from other receivers on TBC. We’re still having trouble getting the baselines to process.

For network adjustments we would use OPUS, but we are in Texas.

Ah, no good for us here in Malaysia. Thanks for helping anyway. We’re really trying to find a solution for our clients with regards to static processing with network adjustment. Most of them already have TBC and Topcon Tools. Trying to fit the RS2 into their workflow would unlock so much potential for their teams!


I’ll reach :slight_smile: out to a few contact of mine that use Trimble equipment to see if they have any advice. Good luck!

Just thought of something to check on… Have you updated the Trimble Configuration Utility? I believe and update just happened and this is what will update your antenna lists.

I have done that, it isn’t there. I also don’t understand why I cannot add a custom antenna to TBC. That has to be an easy thing to code. Unless it is by design.

Good. yeah that would be too easy. You could modify the INI file, but I don’t know how you would get it to populate in the list… I wonder if there are any other antennas on the list that use U-Blox?

To make you buy Topcon gear of course :slight_smile:

You mean Trimble? Haha, TBC is one of the reasons we use Topcon though… Trimble is in the business of making receivers and selling patent technology to other manufacturers so if you’re not on that list then good luck.