Rs+ turn off automatically

Hello all
My base unit switched off automatically sometimes after 3 hours and sometimes after a few minutes
Only base unit do this but rover not
And when i charged the unit it give to me wrong Percentage of battery :battery:
I don’t know what is going on
Maybe battery is dead. Maybe the hot wither but rover not switch off

When i turn on after off it give more than 60% battery
And i tried to connect power bank but also switched off
My v. 2.22

Hi Islam,

May I ask you to accomplish a test to understand how long the battery will work on a full charge? Please follow the steps below to do that:

  1. Charge the unit overnight (> 9 hours)
  2. Unplug it from charge and leave the device working
  3. Check how long will it work
  4. If the unit shuts down, please turn it on and generate the Full System report on the unit

Please send the report to me in PM. I don’t recommend sharing it publicly as it may contain sensitive information.

I use this unit as base.
The other unit works fine but base some time work great without turn off but at home when i makes test but in outside no
Maybe temperature or battery but the unit is not Old and not working alot

Hello Tatiana

Hi Islam,

I’ll examine your Full system report and write you back.

Hi Islam,

There is indeed something weird. We’re discussing this with our team. I’ll write you back as soon as there is any news.

Hi Islam,

We found out that this is a software issue. We’re preparing a fix in one of the future firmware updates that should resolve it. I’ll write to you once the fix is released.

I am sending to polina Buriak
Says have to replace? Which one is right
I hope that been only software issue no need to replace it is to difficult
If this issue in software can i remove it and install old versions?

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Hi Islam,

Sorry for the confusion. It’s more likely the software issue. However, it isn’t related to the latest software. We’re working on the fix, it should be available soon.

Hi Islam,

We’ve just released a new dev v2.23.7. Dev versions are mostly used for testing purposes. However, this one should resolve the issue you faced. May I ask you to try this version and check if it helps you out?

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