Rs+ Lora problems

Hello, i have a couple of RS+ and since the last update -29.2- LORA radio seems to had stop sending corrections from the base and the rover had stop to recive corrections throut lora. im also unable to edit the frecuency and the air bit rate on the app -version 7.12-. how can i rollback to the previus version??

I had the same issue with my RS+ units. If you can get in to RV2 you can change the frequency on both units but I found that each time I restarted the units i had the same issue. I tried everything with no success. I finally reflashed both units ( to the latest version, as before when the problem started) and they seem to be working again. I may be wrong but I think when I changed the frequency and restarted the units with the app instead of the button the would connect but since I reflashed the problem has gone and I can’t confirm that.

Hi Diego,

Please take a screenshot of what the base and rover LoRa settings look like. Are there any error messages when you try to change them? Also, please share your mobile device model and OS version.


How are your Reach RS+ doing? Just wanted to say we’re always here to help with further investigation.

hi, the device: Samsung A22 5g, android version 12.

The Base Config:

Rover Config and error:

i hope the pictures have the info you asked…the only work around i can get a fix on lora: create a hotspot and shutdown lora wait 10sec and turn it back on. on both antennas. sometimes it work, some times it does not.

i have used other android phones and its the same.

thanks in advance

im waiting for a field job to record a practical demostration

Hi Diego,

I see. Thanks for sharing the screenshots!

We’ve found out why it happens and released a fix in the latest ReachView 3 7.13. Please update the app on your phones and let me know if it helps.

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last app update (reachview3 7.13) seems to have resolved this issue. i would like further test this, 1 field job with no problems for now


Thanks for keeping us posted! Glad to know it helped.

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