RS+ Flashing failed

I have this ‘flashing failed’ error message (23.8 KB)
please help

Hi Manos,

I’ll check the logs, but can you specify why you decided to reflash the receiver in the first place? You should be able to update the device’s firmware in ReachView 3 app over the internet connection.

Thank you for your prompt response Liudmila!
The last few days I had trouble getting a FIX solution over NTRIP (VRS)
I tried to update in the field over 4G without success and a colleague suggested to try and reflash over USB back in the office.


Oh, I see. Is the solution changing frequently, or is it just staying SINGLE? Is it possible that the internet connection wasn’t stable there?

What if you try the local Wi-Fi network to update the firmware? Meanwhile, I’m checking with the devs the logs from Flasher to understand what’s happening there.

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