Rover and Base comunication

Hi, i have a problem
why my base doesn’t comunicate with my rover?
in rover configuration i use
position mode: kinematic
tcpcli: the ip of base, and 9000 port, rtcm 3

the base configuration
tcpsvr: 9000, rtcm3

but in rover menu the status is single…

i use for boot device the different hotspot wifi “2 different smartphone with 4g connection”

thanks, and sorry for my bad english

I tried now with both device connected at the same wifi and i receive the base correction.
it is possible to communicate base and rover when both are connect to different wifi?

Not unless you have the proper networking setup.

For example: If you decide to run separate networks like have base station at home on your personal network, and have a cell connection for the rover you’ll need to do some port forwarding or config to allow the rover to connect to your base on your internal network.

thanks, i have solved the problem when rover is connect to cell hotspot and base to adsl wifi
but when both device are connected to cell hotspot, i don’t know how configure port forwarding
i have a android smartphone

You’ll def need to look up port forwarding on route/modem and open the port for the rover to be able to connect to the base and start the correction process.

Most of them can be configured with only a browser, some of them may have horrid interfaces that are not mobile friendly. So might need a laptop or big screen tablet to configure the router/modem.