RINEX 3.03 and UBX file to RINEX in RTKPost

Hello Everyone

Is there a difference between using RINEX 3.03 generated from the Emlid RS2 Logging and using UBX raw data files converted to RINEX in RTKConv?

it’s the same file, ubx takes up less memory on the device


You can go either way, the resulting file should be the same

However, it seems that this full menu is not digestible. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is better to make rtkconv with ubx and rtcm3 yourself and only on RINEX_v3.03, and then rtkpost gives reliable results. Those are my conclusions from a few calculations using Reach View 2.22.4 and RTKPOST-QT ver. 2.4.3 Emlid b33.

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I see, i normally work with ubx files so i can be more flexible with the convertion. Thanks!

Here in Brasil we still work with RINEX 2.1 for PPP, also for older Post-Processing softwares are very popular amongst smaller companies that work with RTK and PPK.

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