Request for Restart button in the ReachView app

Why am I requesting for Restart button in the ReachView app? This may happen to me only but here is the issue:

I setup one RS as the Base on the pole with bipod (measuring its height and enter coordinates in Base setting…), then I used LoRa RTK to start surveying. After collecting some survey points, the LoRa stopped working (I guessed because of obstructions), they I wanted to switch to NTRIP mode. Unfortunately, to use NTRIP, I need to connect to internet WIFI hotspot which need a Restart for the RS to connect to it. So it mean that I had to take the RS down and turned it off and then it on and I need to re-setup the pole, the bipod,… again.

Therefore, I think the Restart button in the ReachView app is a must-have feature to solve this issue.

I am not sure how easy or hard it is to include such Restart button in the ReviewView app from coding perspective but I did see this Restart button when we do the upgrade.

Thank you.

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The button will be added in the next release, we have not forgotten.
A little more patience, please :slight_smile:


Perfect! Worth waiting…

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