Reported baseline distance vs. measured

Yep! One trick that I have for quick demo is to bring rover so close to the base that two RS’s touch with their sides. This should show the width of the RS as baseline in the app!


You were right. I tested and it worked. By setting the Rover pole to about same height of Base, we could compare with tape meter accurately. Thank you so much for this. It is very useful for us.


So, with that comment, let us dispel with a myth that I remember contributing to in the past:

It said the rover should not be close to the base. Can we say that is false in all cases, or should we say to start the rover at minimum X distance from the base and after initialisation then it can be brought directly beside?

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There is this cool oldtimer on yt showing something similar for a different purpose with an L1 i think.
Its called ‘Bar’ initialization and Stop and Go data collection. He is showing base/rover in a close setup.

Just about here - YouTube


This is a classic case of looking too deeply for the problem in the processing and black box, rather than basic survey method. Glad itt is solved.

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