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Remote Shutdown Emlid Reach RS+

(J Braun) #1

Hi all,

I use the option to automatically turn on the Emlid reach RS+ system when applying 24VDC through the 9 pin connector. This works fine.
But now i look for a way to remotely shutdown the Emlid Reach RS+ system.
Is it possible to let it shut down when i stop the 24VDC powersupply through the 9 pin connector?

The rover is in an unreachable position for me. I can cut down the powersupply external. But the reach continues on it’s battery.
I don’t think it is a good idea to let it drain its battery completely every night.

Any help is welcome.

Kind Regards

(Tatiana Andreeva) #3

Hi @j.braun,

At the moment, there is no option that would allow automatically shutting down the unit.

Do you have access to Reach hotspot or can connect Reach to an available Wi-Fi network? It’s possible to turn the unit off directly from the ReachView app.

(J Braun) #4

Hi @tatiana.andreeva

I don’t have access to reach hotspot or any other wifi network.
So, i think draining the battery is the only sollution then?

(Tatiana Andreeva) #5


Yes, in the meantime, it’s the only solution.


How do you determine when you want to shut it down?

You can put a script on board that automatically runs at boot and shuts down after n minutes. Or after some other action has occurred.


(J Braun) #8

Hi @amadson

It is not a fixed time.
I wan’t to determine it by myself (end of the workday…)
The issue is that the rover is on a location where i can’t reach it.

Wifi or Bluetooth is no option.
I only have the 9pin connector on the bottom.
I can power it on by supplying 24VDC on the 9 pin connector.
But i am looking for a way to power it down after i’m finished for the day.

What kind of scripts can i use? maybe something with a signal over the 9 pin connector?