Remote Shutdown Emlid Reach RS+

Hi all,

I use the option to automatically turn on the Emlid reach RS+ system when applying 24VDC through the 9 pin connector. This works fine.
But now i look for a way to remotely shutdown the Emlid Reach RS+ system.
Is it possible to let it shut down when i stop the 24VDC powersupply through the 9 pin connector?

The rover is in an unreachable position for me. I can cut down the powersupply external. But the reach continues on it’s battery.
I don’t think it is a good idea to let it drain its battery completely every night.

Any help is welcome.

Kind Regards

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Hi @j.braun,

At the moment, there is no option that would allow automatically shutting down the unit.

Do you have access to Reach hotspot or can connect Reach to an available Wi-Fi network? It’s possible to turn the unit off directly from the ReachView app.

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Hi @tatiana.andreeva

I don’t have access to reach hotspot or any other wifi network.
So, i think draining the battery is the only sollution then?


Yes, in the meantime, it’s the only solution.

How do you determine when you want to shut it down?

You can put a script on board that automatically runs at boot and shuts down after n minutes. Or after some other action has occurred.


Hi @amadson

It is not a fixed time.
I wan’t to determine it by myself (end of the workday…)
The issue is that the rover is on a location where i can’t reach it.

Wifi or Bluetooth is no option.
I only have the 9pin connector on the bottom.
I can power it on by supplying 24VDC on the 9 pin connector.
But i am looking for a way to power it down after i’m finished for the day.

What kind of scripts can i use? maybe something with a signal over the 9 pin connector?

What’s connected to the 9-pin (opposite the reach) and do you have remote access to that?

Hi Amadson,

Attached tot he 9 pin is:

RS232 TX
RS232 RX

The 24VDC is supplied by a power supply.
The RS232 signal is converted to RS485 signal.
The RS485 signal is then connected to a PLC (80Meters away).
I have access tot he PLC.

Again, I think the easiest way is to start a script on the rs+ at boot that shuts down the unit at a certain time of day. If you use it to varying times each day, then just choose a time that’s always beyond that. You would only need to visit the unit once to upload and test the script.

I presume the rs+’s WiFi signal doesn’t reach your plc?


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