Reflashing problem

cant reflash my reach module tried 4 to 5 times with every possible way i knoe its stucked on yellow and red led and its becomming hot after few mins of supplying power with usb or either df 13 connector this happens to my module on regular basis i have same 2nd module but it works perfectly fine and gatchered data from it , please help me with it if the device so i can replace or buy the new one m facing this issue alot … please help me asap

How hot? Its normal to feel some heat, and +85C is to hot to touch.
From what version are you going from and to?

according to exact temp scale not upto 85c bt it doesnt respond properly most of the tym m having issue with it every time after i do something with it for work and its under warrenty and my other device is working properly i done everything taking into consideration like flasing all the procedures for setup … bt only this device is not woring properly!!! @TB_RTK

and it stucked on yellow led cant access …

Are you able to flash from a different computer and use a different cable?
What operating system are you using (Windows/Mac/Linux)?
What software do you use to flash the device?

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not done yet with different pc as my 2nd module is perfectly updated with this system having win 7 64 bit operating sys , i use intel edison setup for flashing . and rest of the things i stated above …
thanks for the reply

This looks very much like an electrical issue. Could you post a picture of the malfunctioning unit?

it keeps on blinking like this !!!

It is blinking yellow all the time?


@igor.vereninov what should i do i m struck here could you tell me some other solution!!!

Good day, I have the same problem with a reach unit,

Was able to solve your problem?