Recently delivered Reach's firmware not configured for RNDIS - Found a solution


FYI: We received some Reach’s recently that had fairly new firmware and were able to update them to the latest firmware without a problem using the Wi-Fi connection. But, we could not get them to be recognized as a valid RNDIS network device on Windows 7 or 10 with Intel’s driver installed. After searching a bit, I came across this post:

Following the solution below documented in the “Answer” posting above fixed the problem:

‘The command fw_setenv can be used to change the parameters that uboot passes to the kernel. This allows for choosing between RNDIS and CDC mode. First, check the current mode via “fw_printenv bootargs_ethconfig”. Then change the mode to RNDIS using the command “fw_setenv bootargs_ethconfig rndis”. Then reboot the Edison. The mode can be changed back to CDC ECM using the command “fw_setenv bootargs_ethconfig cdc” and rebooting again.’

Good advice here! They are configured for CDC by default, which works on Mac and Linux.

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