Receive corections from mobile internet

I have a problem with receive coretions. In Czech Republic we use data from permanent GNSS Base network, sending to internet. When I am conected in home wifi, i have no problem with conect to coretion server (because reach rs+ is conect to same wifi). But in field i must be conected to reach hotspot and mobile internet is automaticaly off.
I try to conect smartphone and reach with bluetooth. Reachwiew say device is paired, but when I turn off wifi, reach lost connection with smartphone.

Do you have any solution?

Share/start hotspot with your smartphone and then have Reach connect to it.
This way Reach gets internet access and you get access to Reach/Reachview.

If you working with an third party application on your phone or seperate datacollector to do stakeout, you could save battery on phone by having Lefebure ntrip app connect and link you phone with your Reach via bluetooth.
If not, and you only need to collect points in the field with RTK, i would usually share hotspot on my phone and Reach connect to it.


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