Real-time Raspbian image update for Navio

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We’d like to announce a Raspbian image for Raspberry Pi A+/B+ update. It didn’t change much, but we’ve made some performance related improvements. It is available for download here.

RT kernel for Raspberry Pi 2 is in progress, stay tuned!

Any ETA on the Pi2 kernel? I’ve started assembling my quad and the only thing I’m waiting for is the Navio+ to show up. Should I expect to be able to use my Pi2 by the time it arrives, or should I order a B+ now so I don’t have to wait for it later?

@mb300sd Discussion on RPi2 kernel is here:

It is hard to estimate when it will be ready.

I guess I’ll plan to order a B+ around the shipping date for the next batch of Navios then. The wait is already driving me crazy :dizzy_face: