Real time kernel won't detect a keyboard

I tried installing the Raspbian real time kernel on my Model B, but when I get to the point in the initial start up where I must provide a root log-in, my keyboard won’t respond. I have tried multiple keyboards and have the exact same problem. I re-flashed the card with stock raspbian and the problem went away. I am going to try re-downloading the kernel now, but any other trouble shooting ideas would be appreciated.

Raspberry Pi Model B
Wired US Querty keyboards
1200 mA power supply
16 Gb Micro SD with adapter

Hello Bradley,
As it was noted in the post about Raspbian with real-time kernel some USB keyboards may not work due to the configuration options required for it. This OS image is not intended for general purpose use, but rather for drone and embedded development where it is rare that you have a keyboard attached. I recommend to use other input ways to control your Raspberry such as SSH or VNC.
Here’s a discussion about why that happens.

Thanks. I haven’t had a chance to look at it again yet, but that sounds easy enough. I was expecting to have to set an IP and root password with a keyboard before I could SSH.

You can set up network configuration without running RPi by plugging SD card to your computer and modifying /etc/network/interfaces directly. If you’re running Windows you can use ExtFS from Paragon software to do that.