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ReachView v2.17.1 dev update - Improved heading

(Egor Fedorov) #1

Hey everyone,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We have just one small new feature we want to push before we go on a small break - phase measurement based heading.


  • Delta-phase positioning smoothing for better single positioning and heading. This comes in handy during stakeout, as we now provide precise heading even in single mode.


  • ReachView now supports working with NTRIP casters that don’t send SNR values. There will be no grey bars to show on the chart, but apart from that it works as usual.

This is a little something to keep you guys occupied during the holidays :slight_smile:
We’re always happy to hear some feedback, so don’t hesitate to share if you have some!

See you guys soon!

Best regards,
Emlid team

Stakeout position with v2.17.0 differs from v2.16.2
(Luis Galina) #2

Thank you !!!:+1::+1::+1::+1:

(l3technologycambodia) #3

Great to see another update. Wish to see UTM support, basic calculation for lines and polygons.

(Erro Alfaro88) #4


This means that you no longer have to be pointing the cell phone north at all times ?.

(Timmyd) #5

And now the available WIFI access points are listed. Wooo hooo!!! Thank you!

Disregard. That was on the M+ on existing firmware :0 Sorry. Sure wish you would fix the Reach RS so it would do the same.

(Christian Grüner) #6

Does 2.17 contain all the fixes from 2.16.2 as well ?

(Luis Galina) #7

I am testing version 2.17.0 and in the stakeout I do not see the deltas. the ideal is to see two values ​​of direction either N-S and E-O is very difficult stakeout with only one direction and with the graphical arrow

(Luis Galina) #8

solved in this version returns to fixed after losing signal without problems. I did not have to connect and disconnect input correction

(Timd1971) #9

Like this!

(Luis Galina) #10

So I would have to indicate for the stakeout

(Luis Galina) #11

Tim would be another way that is not bad !!! Survce unique position with respect to a cardinal direction plus the staking distance


Dev series (Odd numbers) is a continue from the last stabel version (stable is even numbers).
So yes, DEV 2.17 should contain everything from the stabel 2.16.2. Except from the bugs i guess, BUT could have new ones as the DEV might introduce newer features for testing :grimacing:

(Luis Galina) #13

so you would have to see the stakeout in rechview

(Michael Lambert) #14

It’s pretty typical in most survey gear i have used to report in terms of northing and easting (Y,X). Negative values reflect the opposite directions. More relative to the coordinates and much cleaner interface that way.

(A Walker) #31

Hey guys,

There is a simpler way of doing this:

Have a graphic on the screen, with an arrow that points in the direction of the sun (and/or moon) and an arrow that shows the direction that you need to go. Similar to an Automatic Direction Finder in an aircraft, with the beacon being the sun (or moon, or both) and an arrow (or bug) of where you need to go. And then you don’t need to worry about keeping the orientation of the Emlid or phone and know roughly where the sun is.

Just a thought on making it easier to use.

Stakeout position with v2.17.0 differs from v2.16.2
ReachView v2.17.1 dev update - Improved heading
(Luis Galina) #32

the cloudy days do not see the sun and the moon !!! what should I do ?

(Luis Galina) #34

I don’t understand Anything !!! Sorry

(Johannes Eberenz) #35

@egor.fedorov, could you give a link or (brief) explanation on the theory behind “Delta-phase positioning smoothing”? Is this the same as what is sometimes called Carrier Smoothed-Code?

(Johannes Eberenz) #36

Ah ok, i found it https://www.novatel.com/assets/Documents/Papers/new_pos_filter.pdf

Nice feature!

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