ReachView v2.15.5 dev update - Point stakeout


This is fixed now, thanks for the report. We will also change the upgrade sequence to ensure things run more smoothly in the next release.

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Good catch, should have mentioned it in the release notes. Sorry for the trouble.
I’ve updated the release notes with this info to not cause trouble for anyone else.

We’ve fixed this issue, so I think you can give it a try. Keep in mind, that these are dev updates and sometimes things like that happen. Do not recommend using that if you rely on the device for daily work.


we had the same issues here. needed to update to 2.14.0, then updated to 2.15.0. Otherwise, the RS needed to reflash.

Hi Dane.

Did you have an opportunity to test the stakeout function with better conditions?

You can upload screenshots of the view in 2d and 3d mode when your goal is less than .5 meters ?.
The stakeout function is expected by many users but for the moment I will wait until it comes out in a stable version.

Don’t hold your breath. ; )

Прекрасно, что появилась возможность менять высоты прибора во время работы. По такому принципу надо сделать время записи точки. Ну и рядом иконку с кодированием сделать.

It is great that it is possible to change the height of the device during operation. According to this principle it is necessary to make the recording time point. Well, next to the icon with the coding to do.

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Также по поводу систем координат. Дайте нам точку опоры-эллипсоид, проекцию, 7 параметров, мы сами сделаем свою систему координат. Геоид само собой.

Also about the coordinate systems. Give us a fulcrum-ellipsoid, projection, 7 parameters, we will make our own coordinate system. Geoid itself.

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I was out last night verifying a local reference point(which either it is off or I am off by 55”, but that’s another topic haha), but last night I did not have a need for a stakeout as I knew where this marker was. So I have not tried again. I will have more time this evening for testing.

FYI, effigis, the folks that make EZSurv, updated their Reach RS utility. It now works with both the new and old formats (i.e., it accepts “elevation” or “height” as the keyword).


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Да не плохо было бы свои системы делать, а ещё импортировать из других программ

Yes, it would not be bad to do your system, and even import from other programs

Вышло обновление 2.15.1, только обновиться с 2.15.0 не смог я.
У кого получилось обновиться до 2.15.1?

There was an update 2.15.1, only to be updated with 2.15.0 I could not.
Who managed to upgrade to 2.15.1?

Пришло сообщение о выходе версии 2.15.1, что в данной версии нового?

I received a message about the release of version 2.15.1, what’s new in this version?

Видно не подошло время. Анонса не было.
It is evident that the time has not come. There was no announcement.

It’s a small release that fixes update issues other users mentioned in this thread. I’ve updated the original post.

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Не смог обновить до 2.15.1
Сегодня целый день не мог импортировать файл с точками csv теперь проблемы из за кодировки нет?

Could not update to 2.15.1
Today the whole day could not import a file with csv points now no problem because of the encoding?


Constructive criticism is good I thought

Could you please show us the file that you were not able to import? What kind of error did you get?

Your Reach did not show this update or the update process failed?

Could the import problem be due to the change from “altitude” to “elevation”? If so, you could edit the csv file before importing.

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Дмитрию Ершову все скинул на прямую. В выходные вернусь ещё раз попробую обновить.

I’ve sent everything directly to Dmitry Ershov. At the weekend, I’ll try to update again.

Have tested update v2.15,0 beta. I have Reach RS as base and rover. The base is in a famous location and broadcasts with radio to rover. A test track I have 20m from my home, where I have points that are dulled carefully met by several measurement techniques.
Is very impressed with the new feature with release. Comes as close as 2 cm in X Y joint. Have done several tests with the same good results.
What I’m a little bit concerned with is that you can not fix the upstart of rover. Then it’s time to restart the rover when you usually get the fix. Looking up GCP as I used in previous drone flights is a lot of time saving for all my maps and volume measurements.
Are very pleased to develop Reach RS and module all the time!

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