ReachView v2.10.0 - Dev updates

since I updated to 2.10.0, the android RV app doesn’t seem to find my ReachRSs anymore, neither in hotspot nor in client mode

Hi Egor

For some reason that unit did not come up with the update rebooted several times but manual :5000 worked.
I have done 3 more units and they all came up with the update as expected. All is working now


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Hi. I did the update but now I cant
export a survey I just did. I can export a previous survey ok but not the one I just did after upgrading.

Any ideas please?

Hello Johannes,

Before the update, the app has been tested specifically with the new version. The update does not seem to be related to this.

Did you manage to resolve your issue? Also, does it still show nothing after closing the app explicitly?


This update does not change anything in the survey mode. Seems like a problem we have, though. Could you please describe the details of your problem in a separate post?

John, does this sound similar to your case?

I am using the additional correction and getting the best results since I purchased my RS units so please do not do away with this feature.

I can confirm that this release fixes QZSS corrections. Thanks and well done! :grinning:

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Judging by the screenshot you’ve posted, the additional correction stream you are using does not really give you any benefit. Let me explain:

The incoming messages are:

  • 1004, which are GPS L1 & L2 observations
  • 1006, base station position
  • 1008, base station antenna information

The only useful info here is the observations, but you are already getting those from your base station(1002 is GPS L1 observations, L2 is useless for Reach anyway).

I bet you will achieve the same results if you turn of the additional corrections off.

I am having difficulty updating reachview to v2.10.1 stable. I am not able to get my wifi connected in reachview. When I add a wifi in reachview, I loose connection to reach rs and can no longer see it in the wifi list on tablet. I am sure I am doing something wrong and probably siple and obvious, but I am stuck. Aby halp would be appreciated.

Is your tablet connecting back to the same wifi network as reach ?

Yes it is, called pgc2.

And you see reach on fing or the reachview app? and IP address, what has it?
and you also did reboot reach and let it run for a minute or two?

rebooting now. Fing IP is

rebooted 2mins ago. Reach does not show up in wifi list on tablet. and cannot connect in browser is only used when tablet/phone or any other device is connecting to reach is in hotspot mode.
If you have added credentials right for your wifi and reboot, reach should be connected and in client mode.
So, if tablet is connected to the same wifi and fing is showing you murata device and ip, then this is the address you use. or
Did you follow the above and it still doesnt work?

Ok. New FING IP address, Now in updating to new version! Thanks!

Ok, cool. you got it working :+1:

rebooting now. It is taking a long time. 3 minutes so far. that normal?

The new firmware has updated the led signals. The green flashes during boot and light steady green when its ready. What does your leds show you?