ReachView update from V2.1.3-r0 to 2.10.0-r0 failed


I updated my 2 reach firmware from V0.4.7 to V0.4.9 and then to V2.1.
After this I started an update of ReachView to V2.10 but with no luck.
The update process hangs every time at “installing Python-dev-utils”, and if I then click on “Cancel Update” and reboot the module, I can’t connect per browser and the led on the module stay static in blue/pink.
But pinging is ok and can ssh to the module.
I reflashed both reach module and as noticed on a topic on the forum I disconnected my internet access to bypass the update so I could use the 2 modules with version V2.1.3-r0.

So, does anyone had this same issue? and what can I do to be able to update to V2.10?

By the way, in ReachView is there any place where the firmware version is displayed?

Many thank for your help.

Reachview version is displayed in the top right corner.

Have you tried reflashing with 2.9.0 and then update ?


Thank you very much for the link, that was the solution to my problem. Now everything is fine.

It was clear for me that the ReacView version is displayed in the right top corner, but aren’t there 2 version, one for the firmware and one for the ReachView apps, if so where is the FirmWare version displayed?

One’s again, many thanks for your help.


The difference between app version and firmware version is more or less gone. The only important difference is the first firmware(you had before) or the second one(you have now).

Seems like you can’t properly and fully update from an ancient image release. That’s where the new releases of the image come in.

Hi Egor

Thanks for this Information and for your help.

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