Reachview on Moverio BT300 AR Smart Glasses

We purchased a pair of Moverio BT300 Smart Glasses for FPV style drone flying.

Epson BT300 Smart Glasses

It sparked an idea and I am now attempting to load Reachview onto the unit with the specific purpose of AR style stakeout…

Anyone else try this?

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I am able to load Reachview 3 v5.4 onto SD card that I downloaded from APKPure

You can then install the APK from the SD card from within the Moverio platform. I was successful up to this point. Now onto connecting equipment and running a survey.

Video from Moverio on how to sideload DJI GO and GO4 but also works for Reachview.

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This worked well. Emlid should consider AR / 4D stakeout for Reachview :slight_smile:


That would be epic

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