Reachview is not working, no web interface


My reach kit arrived today. I followed up the quick start guide. However, after connecting reach to my Wi-Fi ( open SSID, requires web authentication) i could not update the reachview. After skipping updates and rebooting. Reach web interface stoped working. I ssh the device and it is running with red light. Port 80 is not available. I move it to outside the Wi-Fi coverage. It is blinking green and blue. I can see it working in Wi-Fi hotspot. I joined it but still no reachview , port 80 is closed. I can ssh the device from my linux box. Is their a way to reset the device to factory from the ssh. Iā€™m sure that my work Wi-Fi firewall missed up reach.

Many thanks



Please try port :5000 and see if any self-tests failed

I flashed the unit with firmware 2.7 and connected it with firewall free network and the ReachView is updated to the latest version. Port 80 still not working. i logged on port 5000 and updated the receiver and rebooted the unit. Now all boxes are checked green yet still i cant accesses port 80. the device is blinking 3 times Red and one time Blue.

Waiting for your kindly replay.


I rebooted the device several times and now it is working. It is connected to my ubuntu. Do you think that is the reason.

Update 2: it is not working again. i changed the RTK configuration and rebooted and it stopped working. here is the sequence of what happening, after booting it starts blinking blue then blinking blue and magenta for few seconds then blinks red 3 times and one blue.

Update 3: I reflashed the unit and I talked with our IT department. It seems the our network firewall was interfering with it. they fixed the issue and now is working without problem.

Thanks all