ReachView data dictionary options, or 3rd party software suggestions

Hi everyone,

I got my Reach RS last week, and have been busy getting it configured. At this point, it looks like I am ready to deploy it! However, the task at hand calls for some repetitive data entry at logged locations, and I would prefer to set up a data dictionary with drop down menus to make recording attributes much more efficient. From my experience so far, it does not appear ReachView has this capability yet (or am I wrong) Is there an alternative App that can be used for this purpose which works well with the Reach RS? I have seen Mobile Topographer Pro used with the Reach, but I am curious if anyone has found a reliable solution to this functionality need.



This feature is not there, but something that we are considering adding. Meanwhile you can use data collection apps such as MicroSurvey FieldGenius.

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