ReachView 3 Beta

Hi Seth! In this release we bring several fixes and overall improvements, stay tuned for the next release!


I’d love the base known point retrieval as well.

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Hi, Daniel,

Thank you for your request! We’ll investigate the issue.

Thank you for the information!

We’ll take it into account to make experience of working with RV3 better.

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Need support. Can’t export my job (607 point). ReachView3 crash each time. On Samsung S7.
Can I copy my job by other way?

Hi @ASD!

We’ve seen some reports on the error you’re having and have reason to believe it’s a problem with available RAM. Our app can not allocate enough resources to do the export.

Do you have a lot of apps pinned from closing in the multitasking bar?

I also think rebooting the phone and going straight to ReachView might help with the export process.

Please let us know if that helps with your issue so we can try and tackle it on our end.


Thank you but I can’t export. I try with more than 2000mb of free ram. I try export Demo project and it is crashing.

could you pls update ReachView 3 app to show same interface like in current ReachView? In ReachView 3 stakeout, it is not easy to find the point when we are in the circle.


Hi everyone!

Android app version 4.9 Beta is available!


  • We fixed an issue that caused the collector tool to save incorrect antenna height values (they are off by up to 1 foot). This issue affected projects with CRSs which use feet, U.S. survey feet, or Gold Coast feet and did not affect point height values. Be advised that collected points are prone to have erroneous antenna height data.
    @dbuchanan Thanks for the report!
  • We’ve added new experimental vertical CRS “DHHN2016 height” along with “CGC2016.tif” geoid, which covers almost all Germany areas. Exact coordinates of coverage area: from 47.225° to 50.6° in latitude, from 7.426° to 13.9° in longitude.
  • Project import and export were upgraded to support base position and baseline. These values can be imported (and exported) using the following headers: Base easting, Base northing, Base elevation, and Baseline.
  • App fonts have been updated to make things uniform and less prone to layout-related issues.
  • Earlier, when exporting a project whose target CRS uses imperial units, the antenna height and RMS values were saved in meters, which is not correct. Now, these values will be represented in measuring units corresponding to the project target CRS.
  • Fixed multiple cases of keyboard overlapping UI elements, making app content inaccessible.
  • Various fixes and improvements.
  • Minor visual updates.

In ReachView 3, when delete a point from the list points (surveyed points), it changed all others’ points which is wrong behavior.

Hello everyone! New iOS app version 4.3 is available for testing in TestFlight!
We’re glad to announce that we bring several long-awaited features in this release.

Here’s the list of changes:

  • Added ‘FIX only’ setting that allows point collection only with FIX solution.

  • When you create an NTRIP profile, you will automatically receive a list of mount points provided by your caster if your Reach is connected to the Internet.

  • The third tab was renamed to ‘Profile’ and now contains your NTRIP profiles. You can modify existing profiles and create new ones there. If you create or edit an NTRIP profile, and any Reach is connected at that moment, the app will ask you if you want to change settings on that Reach.

  • We’ve added new experimental vertical CRS ‘DHHN2016 height’ along with ‘CGC2016.tif’ geoid, which covers almost all Germany areas. :de:
    Exact coordinates of coverage area: from 47.225° to 50.6° in latitude, from 7.426° to 13.9° in longitude.

  • Minor fixes and visual improvements.

We’re looking towards to hear your feedback on new features!


Please add the COGO, feature, We need to measure between points.


Hi Miguel,

It’s in our plans. Thanks for the mention.


Hey @l3technologycambodia,

We’ve actually had a bugged animation when deleting a point from the list in the Android app. However, it was only a visual bug and did not affect any point data. It was fixed in the latest release.

Is this the behavior you reported? Or is this a different bug?

I will test again. I did not notice if I used latest ReachView 3 or not.

Thank you, great APP, thats what i waited for. I love to work with it.
One thing would be nice: the scale bar on the Map like in RV2.
When i try to import a project (*.csv), there has to be at least one Point in the Project. Import into an empty Project is not possible.
At last :for surveying in Austria the vertical datum “GHA height” EPSG:5778 is needed. Would be fine to have it.


Hi @a.hopfer!

That’s great to hear, thank you!

It is scheduled for one of the upcoming releases, so we’ll start working on it soon.

Do you use iOS or Android? And what’s the version of the app (you can find it in the tab Profile)? We’ll investigate this issue.

Hi Ivan, I use Android 9 on a ZTE Blade A7, App-version is 4.9 Beta.