Reachview 2.9.3 - Position Serial Data Output

Project was on hold, now I have: one Reach RTK bare board, Garmin GPSMAP64 handheld GPS, a pair of 433MHz 3DR-type radios(HM-TRP by HopeRF), a Garmin OEM serial cable to wire in one of those radios to my handheld GPS. This setup is still not working

It’s possible this cable is causing issues in what it expects to see coming in on it’s RX wire ie RS232 industry standard vs TTL hot off the radio. The cable is: Garmin # 010-11131-00 I’m probably going to cut it apart to see what the circuit board looks like, maybe establish just what exactly it’s doing to the signals. If I’ve done my homework correctly, the GPS Mini-B pinout is: 1=+5V, 2=RX, 3=TX, 4=12~47K Ω tie to ground or pin-5, 5=Ground

For now though, I’m running the rover end of my link on USB connected to a Win7 machine, to remove this questionable cable for the time being. I have the 3DR configuration app: ‘SikRadio Config Tool’ version 1.4. Not sure where I downloaded that from!

Anyways, inside the config tool is a tab for monitoring the serial data stream. But I don’t see anything sensible on that. I haven’t used serial port monitors before, so I’m unsure if there’s an issue with the Reach settings, wiring to the radios, or maybe this monitor tool isn’t capable of showing what’s coming through?

So, where to start? First off, inside Reachview there’s two different sidebar tabs that each have settings for outputting data. One tab is ‘Position output’, the other is ‘Base mode’

At first, being focused on transmitting corrections to my GPS, it didn’t sink in right away that ‘Position output’ does not have anything to do with what I am trying to get going! After that small bit of floundering was done with…

Results I see on the ‘Terminal’ tab inside the SikRadio Config Tool are still mystifying. If I start by setting Base Mode ‘Corrections Output’ set to ‘Off’ & Position Output ‘Output 1’ also set to off - the Terminal monitor shows nothing happening and the radio’s red status LED does not show any activity. At this point things look as I would expect

Just for testing and familiarization, leaving corrections off & setting the Position Output ‘Output 1’ to ‘on’, selecting ‘Serial’, device set to ‘UART’, well this is where I get a bit lost

There’s yet two more set of variables to set: Baud rate & Format

Baud rate I can somewhat understand(but don’t take my word for that!), Format raises a few questions. The dropdown menu has options for: LLH, XYZ, ENU, NMEA, ERB

I think the LLH and XYZ options ought to be plain text messages looking like what I see on the status page when either of those are chosen for ‘Positon’ & ‘Base position’ - that is a string of numbers

ENU, I have no idea what that is or what I should see on the monitor

NMEA, I think I know what that does, but no experience in how that looks on the monitor

ERB, also no idea what that is. But because that’s how I found it as some sort of default, I’ve been trying it out without anything sensible happening

It would help to have something on that page linking to: Docs

So I started by setting the Format to ‘LLH’, Baud set to ‘4800’

Radio config monitor shows a blank line being filled in, on line 1. No characters. Radio LED status lights all showing activity

So I change baud to 9600. Monitor is now displaying a random waterfall of alternating question marks & blank spaces. Looks great for a screen saver, but I’d rather see something human readable and looking like a Latitude, Longitude, Height & Position status!

Changing baud to 14,400 and I get what looks like a something, but cryptic strings of characters. 19200 brings back the question marks & blank space cascade

28,800 makes the link stop working for a full minute, then what looks like 11-character blocks of random characters

All the various baud rates seem to go on like this. I’m starting to think I don’t know something or two…

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