Reach XYZ output freeze!

Hi all,

I’m feeding my arduino board with XYZ output from Reach (rover side) USB port (with usb-otg cable), but frequently the reach stop to send coordinates during a (not so) short period, like 5 seconds.

This is a real issue for my application (geotagging with uav)

I’ve tried to output the XYZ frames by the UART port, same reaction.

Is it a normal behaviour?
If it is, or not, how i can avoid that?

Many thanks for any information!

Perhaps the times when there is no XYZ output are times when there is no solution status? No solution = no output.

see the comments here:

If this indeed is what is happening, then you may need to create some code to repeat the last known coordinate, or maybe predict and project your traveled path.

It would not be good for Reach to blindly output a coordinate when there is no current coordinate solution, but you can do that if it fits your use case.

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Yes i’ve understand that later by moving away from the house wall… good gps signal result -> always output.
Thanks @bide

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Hi, would you mind sharing your arduino code? In particular, I’m trying to gather ENU frames over serial to Arduino, but I’m not sure how to record one frame at a time. I will need to save a location, add some secondary sensor data to that location, and then repeat.


My code is not complete, i’ve to improve it but for now i just record a XYZ frame on a precise moment by starting this kind of function (it’s an extract) :

void read_log_gps(){
in_char = (char);
string_gps += in_char;
if(in_char == ‘\n’){
string_complete_gps = true;
string_gps = “”;
string_complete_gps = false;