Reach with Navio2 but without Mission Planner

I’ve read through the integration of a Reach with Ardupilot/Navio2 a couple of times and understand the steps. However, I was wondering if it is possible to inject the better GPS data into the ardupilot WITHOUT Mission Planner. I have a linux laptop and use APM Planner 2 in the field (I have a windows desktop that I can use for initial setup with but doesn’t travel well).

Is this just a case of making sure that the moving Reach can receive corrections from the Reach base and since that is usually (or at least can be) a long way away, we default to the 915 radio transmission and the gps inject method. If, however, I have reliable wifi to all components and send the base signal to the moving Reach via TCP and send the moving Reach signal to the Navio2 (via uart and -E input), can that provide the same accuracy to ardupilot?


@bgantner Hi!

If you have a network connection to Reach from the GCS/Base you can pass the corrections to Reach through a TCP port and make it output the solution over UART or TCP to Ardupilot. This way Ardupilot will be only getting the resulting solution and the corrections would be transferred without its intervention. The accuracy doesn’t differ in any way the corrections are transferred.

Great! Good to know.

There is a MavProxy RTCM injection module (instead of Mission Planner) explicitly written for Reach that can do this for you using the 915MHz radios. There is a pull request on mavproxy for that.

Ah! That is even better, thank you!

The PR is here: