Reach with iOS

Do you know if most people use Android or iPad devices?
I have Android and I see my tablet is too old and I cannot load the ReachView app. If I need to buy a new device I like Android but if the consensus is that IOS is better I can go that way.

I primarily use iOS, and it works really nice here.

I have heard there are issues using IOS and connecting the units to ESRIs ArcCollector but that could be rumor as well.

Esri Collector running on iOS won’t work with Reach. However, you can use Collector on Android with Reach

I use both and they both work fine. I do not use any 3rd party integrations.

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We’ve seen problems with Reach not being able to connect to the mobile hotspot WiFi on iOS when it works flawlessly on Android but it doesn’t seem to be a universal problem.

Are you having to forget the network and re-authenticate? This is probably most present problem. I was told that connection issue may be affected by having mobile data on while trying to connect to the Reach receiver’s hotspot. Very odd behaviour if you ask me as allot of people are probably using phones or connected tablets. I use a Topcon FC-500 for surveying, but I still have to connect to Reachview to initialize.

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No, we tried forgetting the networks and it wouldn’t work.

The issue with mobile data enabled I do encounter, but only on my MotoG7 running Android. I didn’t have this issue with my cheap 100$ android smartphone.

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Hi Gabriel,

We’ve been trying to reproduce the issue with the iOS hotspot to no avail, unfortunately. At the moment, it’s still not clear what is the reason of such issue.

In case the issue persists, may I ask you to create a new thread with a detailed description of the situation it occurs in, system report and firmware version? That would help us a lot in troubleshooting.

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